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  • Variety&Unique
  • Crystallized at 1300 ℃
  • Under-glaze color




MINOYAKI is the well-known ceramic made in the 3 cities (Tajimi, Toki, Mizunami) which located in the east of Gifu prefecture, Japan. It has the largest market share and now goes beyond 60%. MINOYAKI has integrated into Japanese daily life, and has been characterized by its variety of shades, soft material texture, fine color and firmness of glaze finished at 1300℃.

There are 15 types of MINOYAKI ceramic which has been authorized and honored as Japanese "traditional crafts" by the Minister of Economy, after fulfilling the requirements such as meeting the daily necessities, manufacturing process is handicraft, technology or raw materials are historically representative.


Integrated with tradition and creative style, novel and unlike others Integrated with tradition and creative style, novel and unlike others

With tradition of 1300 years and the incorporation of new sensations, a wide variety of innovative products are created in original styles and spirits unlike others. Nowadays, MINOYAKI has the largest share in Japan and even 15 types of MINOYAKI ceramic have been authorized as traditional crafts.


Wide range of heat resistance, strong and durable Wide range of heat resistance, strong and durable

Because it is fired at a higher temperature than usual, more moisture and impurities had been removed, capable of withstanding a wide range of usage temperature. MINOYAKI is more durable and long lasting, hard to mold and crack.


Long lasting fine color and texture, more secure and safe Long lasting fine color and texture, more secure and safe

Under-glaze color, it is a special process of painting on the pre-baked ceramic without glaze. then put transparent glaze on it, finally firing at high temperature. Comparing with the overglaze color, the colors for underglaze need higher temperature resistance, and it is more difficult to control the color to present as designed in high temperature firing at once. As there is a transparent glaze coat on the colors, the surface is shiny, and it is hard to get dust and mold. Besides, the color of patterns do not lose easily due to frictions or detergents and can be used for a long time.

    Introduction of MINOYAKI’s Manufacturing Process

  • Introduction of MINOYAKI’s Manufacturing Process1~3Introduction of MINOYAKI’s Manufacturing Process4~6


Selected Famous Kiln

Present the ceramic from the famous kilns which are known as representative of Japanese ceramic, as the collection of skillful handcraft arts, as your character both for collections and daily necessities.

  • Kinsho Kiln  Gold & Silver Flow

    Kinsho Kiln
    Gold & Silver Flow

    A series of unique ceramic that can marvelously keep your beer cold and creamy with special techniques. The dynamism of gold and silver patterns are created by skilled craftsmen, and present movement individually. It is perfect for both daily life use and hospitality use.

  • Buzan Kiln

    Buzan Kiln

    The traditional craftsmen; Mr. Takeei Tatsu presents daily ceramic with expression of the beauty of Japanese seasoning, boldly and delicately.

  • Syozan Kiln

    Syozan Kiln

    Presents the works of Mr. Ryoji Hayashi, who is the representative Japanese traditional craftsmen of "Shino". His ceramic is famous for the interesting changes according to the kiln and flame, gentle color and strong contrast, every piece is an individually unique art.

  • Keizan Kiln

    Keizan Kiln

    Presents the representative ceramics of TAKUO awards and handcrafted by Mr. Kazumi Wada who is active as the 4th generation in Keizan Kiln. The natural scene reflected by the warm color and the soil of Japanese by integrating traditional techniques of Shino and Oribe with modern designs has attracted many ceramic collectors.

The Handmade Fine Works

In pursuit of Japanese beauty, we introduce you carefully selected handmade and hand-painted crafts, Japanese MINOYAKI ceramics.

  • Shittou-Soukichi


    Solid and glossy ceramic (China) with Japanese lacquer color tone. The craftsmen of Souzan Kiln apply natural lacquer paint on the ceramic, create unique union of lacquer (Japan) and ceramic (China) with thick and glossy luster, combined two aesthetic feeling into one.

  • Japanese styled sake makers

    Japanese styled sake makers

    Ancient and fragrant ceramic ware merges modern coloring designs which is hand-painted, so every piece is unique. The elegance and dignity work of craftsmanship is shining individually.

  • Ancient dyeing for<br>modern table

    Ancient dyeing for
    modern table

    Gorgeously decorate your dining table with dynamic pattern and delicate technique. A series of handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic that has depicted the warmth of life with Annan Arabesque.

  • Selected Oribe masterpieces 
represent MINOYAKI

    Selected Oribe masterpieces represent MINOYAKI

    As the representative of Japanese ceramics and MINOYAKI, Oribe is certified as Japanese traditional crafts, with creative artistic sense of infinite beauty and awe-inspiring character.

Japanese Tableware Set

Gifts for mother’s day, wedding, the preparation for new life etc. Innovative designs that incorporate with Japanese culture, a wide variety of selected handmade ceramics of reassuring high-quality.

  • Suekinrou


    Thick Tianmu glaze porcelain and high texture gold foil and silver foil are real gold and silver, which present elegant and luxurious time and space, and can be enjoyed as gifts and souvenirs.

  • Kagayuzen


    Classic choice for wedding gift!
    A series of MINOYAKI ceramic integrated with YUZEN design which is known as the representative design of Japanese KIMINO from KAGA country (now, south of ISHIKAWA). A great gift for celebrations and souvenirs with elegant and lustrous Japanese pattern.

  • Ginsai Sakura

    Ginsai Sakura

    The shape and texture that makes you want to pick it up, the silver cherry blossoms dances on shiny black-glazed porcelain, express calm and warm life moments. An enjoyable tableware that brings out the colors of the ingredients.

  • Hanayoshino


    A tableware with the pattern of cherry blossoms dance on white and black porcelain that can be widely used from everyday use to hospitality use. The thin, light and clean form are the characteristic of this tableware.

  • Komon


    A porcelain with chic black Japanese patterns and Japanese Yukata patterns that suits both Japanese and Western dishes. Perfect for a petit gif and daily life use.

  • Japanese Traditional Patterns

    Japanese Traditional Patterns

    Combined Japan's traditional pattern with innovative patterns of flowers and chic designs, create new modern sense. It is suitable for daily use as well as for relocation or newlywed gifts.

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