Natural Soap concept

With natural derived moisturizing extracts,Gentle face and body soap With natural derived moisturizing extracts,Gentle face and body soap
  • Long lasting
  • Additive-free
  • Natural derived formula


What is natural soap?

It is made by adding alkaline caustic soda to natural oil and reacting it in a frame. When oil reacts to alkaline, natural surfactants are formulated with cleaning function. It is a simple and safe prescription for washing face and body since ancient with wisdom of human beings and natural blessings. It has been approved good for a long history of over 3000 years.


Natural Soap Features Natural Soap Features


Natural soap last longer with gentle care Natural soap last longer with gentle care


Condensed, dried and hardened with essential ingredients for cleansing and skin care purpose. Even of same 100g, natural soap generally lasts 3 times longer than cream or liquid type facial cleansing and body soap. Waste less because we foam as much as we needed.

Human & environmentally friendly Human & environmentally friendly

Fulfill the international standard by containing more than 95% of natural derived cleaning and moisturizing extracts. Human & environmentally friendly gentle formula is perfect for people with sensitive skin and skin problems.

DO NOT contain ingredients that cause skin irritation or allergies


Carefully selected materials considering skin care needs Carefully selected materials considering skin care needs

Soap base composed of only natural oils and fats, committed to natural moisturizing extracts and additive free formula and gentle care for skin.

Sensitive and Trouble skin

Wormwood extract

The queen of herbs, contains chlorophyll which helps to improve blood circulation, enhances the cell metabolism and eliminates skin troubles to create a healthy skin.

Wormwood extract
Houttuynia cordata extract

The extract of Houttuynia cordata contains fruit and vegetable formaldehyde, which is effective for antibacterial and antiallergic. Its mild ingredients is suitable for sensitive and trouble skin.

Houttuynia cordata extract

Oily and Rough skin

Persimmon tannin

The immature fruit contains a lot of astringent persimmon tannin, which is well known for its deodorant and bactericidal effects. Especially for preventing body odor and aging odor.

Persimmon tannin
Tea leaf extract

Tea essence contains polyphenols (catechin), which has the function of tightening the skin, so it is often used in aging care cosmetics, pore care cosmetics, acne care cosmetics, etc.

Tea leaf extract
Okinawa sea mud “KUCHA”

Since ancient times, only Okinawa can collect the mud “KUCHA” which is the particle of “sea salt” below 100 microns. With good adsorption, it can remove old keratin, excess sebum and aged substances. In addition, it is rich in minerals and has a good nutritional effect.

Okinawa sea mud “KUCHA”

Contains abundant minerals which moisturize skin. The microparticles help to adsorb the old keratin and dirt from the clogged pores and is well known for its effect of tightening pores.

Moroccan lava clay
(Adsorption Cleaning, Minerals)

The mineral rich lava clay collected from Moroccan Highlands has excellent adsorption power to remove the old keratin and dirt from the clogged pores. It helps to condition the skin and give you a clear skin.

Moroccan lava clay

Dry and Delicate skin

SAKURA leaf extract

Extract from the SAKURA leaf which is known for wrapping rice cake in Japan. It has been popular for reinforcing collagen, whitening, anti-glycation and anti-aging effects.

SAKURA leaf extract
Okra extract

It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C and other vitamins. It can protect skin from the influence of external environment and keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Okra extract
Hot spring from Yamaga city

Introduced as the hot spring of the Higo country in the book of「Wamyō Ruijushō」written in Heian period (over 1000 years ago) and described as famous hot spring water of「soft skin of maiden」.

Hot spring from Yamaga city
Citron extract

Other than vitamin C, it contains melanin which is good for blood vessels and blood circulation. Nutrients can balance cells and restore healthy skin.

Citron extract


For Sensitive and Trouble skin

With ingredients of traditional herbal medicine, Soaps for people who are bothered by skin problems such as perspiration, acne etc.

  • Wormwood soap (98g)

    Wormwood soap (98g)

    Long sellers for over 40 years since release! Formulated with extract collected from the young leaves of wormwood plant cultivated in Aso of Kumamoto.

  • Houttuynia cordata soap(130g)

    Houttuynia cordata soap

    Famous for its antibacterial, drainage, acne and other skin improvement effects. Formulated with houttuynia cordata extract which is called as the herb of herbs.

For Oily and Rough skin

Ingredients famous for beautifying skin. Wash up all the excess lipids on the surface of your skin and leave it smooth and moist!

  • Persimmon tannin・Tea leaf soap(100g)

    Persimmon tannin・
    Tea leaf soap(100g)

    For those who want to get rid of body odor. Formulated with persimmon tannin and tea leaf extract.

  • Charcoal soap(100g)

    Charcoal soap(100g)

    Fine and rich bubble foaming. Microparticle charcoal helps you to get rids of the clogged pores and old dead skin cells and make skin smooth and clean!

  • Okinawa sea mud soap(100g)

    Okinawa sea mud soap(100g)

    Formulated with ‘KUCHA’ which is composed by fine particles less than 100 microns from Okinawa, and contains plenty of minerals nutrients.

For Dry and Delicate skin

Moisturize and beautifying effects, gentle care for your skin with creamy foam.

  • Sakura hot spring soap(100g)

    Sakura hot spring soap(100g)

    Formulated with SAKURA hot spring from Yamaga leaf soap, Moroccan lava clay(Adsorption Cleaning, Minerals) , SAKURA leaf and okra extract (moisturizers).

  • Citron soap(100g)

    Citron soap(100g)

    Comfortable scent of natural citron oil, Formulated with natural citron oil and extract.

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